Homes For Sale: Ghosts Included

Some home sellers and real estate professionals are using Halloween to market the “haunted home” reputation of their listing. And for fodder, here are some of the spookiest listings for sale across the country, according to

Haunted mansion: A remodeled 5,000-square-foot home featuring five bedrooms and three baths on the water in Long Island, N.Y., may be quite a find to a buyer. But they may not to get past the home’s eerie past. The home was featured in the “Amityville Horror” movies. This home was originally listed for $1.15 million a few years ago but has since been re-listed for $850,000.

Asylum for sale: In Detroit, buyers can purchase a former mental asylum, which also comes with a bakery, fire department, and its own ZIP code. The cost is $1.5 million for the Eloise area, which consists of 76 buildings that covers 902 acres. For those buyers who like to get spooked, plenty of creepy stories have been linked to the asylum, including stories of ghosts and screaming former patients that haunt the area.

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High-end ghosts: In Pennsylvania, buyers could pay $16.5 million for a 110-room mansion that once belonged to wealthy investor A.B. Widener. But there may be some ghosts in the closet. Widener lost his son and grandson on the maiden voyage of the Titanic, the White Star Line that he had once invested in. Still in mourning, the legend goes, Widener died in his mansion three years after the sinking of the Titanic and that all three Widener ghosts are the caretakers in the home. The home has become known as the “world’s largest ghost house.”

Desert town: The abandoned town of Santa Claus, Ariz., only has the remains of “tattered skeletons of buildings, the weathered Santa Claus sign, and the sad remnants of the children’s Christmas train now covered with graffiti,” notes. The town is located between Phoenix and Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert. The town was most recently listed for sale in the 1980s for $95,000.

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Source: NAR – Real Estate News
Homes For Sale: Ghosts Included