These periwinkle-colored flowers, Camas Lilies, adorn the Pacific Northwest in springtime. The roots were once widely consumed by Indigenous peoples. Photo by Don Paulson/Alamy Stock Photo

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Downtown Eugene Park Blocks Pavilion and Plaza

Purpose The Lane County Farmers Market is one of the anchors of our community; a place where we can buy fresh, local produce, but also an event where we can meet up with a friend or run into a neighbor. The new Park Blocks Pavilion and Plaza will support this beloved...

Skip the Bidding Wars and Head To the 10 Best Towns for Home Buyers

(Getty Images) Just in case you haven’t heard, snagging a well-priced home in today’s real estate market can feel a bit like winning Powerball. It’s all about beating sky-high odds. Scant inventory, worsened by a pandemic-crush to buy new homes, has led to prices...

The US is 3.8 Million Homes Short

The U.S. housing market needs nearly 4 million single-family homes to meet the nation’s demand, according to a new analysis from Freddie Mac. The 3.8 million shortfall marks a 52% increase in the housing shortage since 2018. “This is what you get when you underbuild...

Don’t Panic! 3 Money-Saving, Last-Minute Tax Tips for Homeowners

It's heeeere: tax season. This year your taxes are due on May 17, unlike last year when the coronavirus pandemic prompted the Internal Revenue Service to extend the deadline to July 15. (And let's remember that tax day is usually April 15, so this is good news.)...

What Does ‘Under Contract’ Mean in a Real Estate Listing?

As you scroll through the real estate listings, you might spot a few that say the house is "under contract." But what does "under contract" mean? In most cases, a property is listed as “under contract” once a buyer has made an offer and the seller has accepted. While...

6 Spring Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Procrastinate On—or Else

Getty Images Ah, the telltale signs of spring: trees in bloom, slightly warmer weather, allergies flaring—and a long list of chores to tackle around the house. Before you pause to savor the sunnier days, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for the season....