These periwinkle-colored flowers, Camas Lilies, adorn the Pacific Northwest in springtime. The roots were once widely consumed by Indigenous peoples. Photo by Don Paulson/Alamy Stock Photo

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What Is Knob and Tube Wiring, and Is It Hiding in Your Home?

By Stephanie Booth Jun 28, 2022 (Photo courtesy of What is knob and tube wiring? While it might sound like a bad 1990s indie band, it’s actually an outdated electrical system that’s still found in many old homes in the United States....

Should Home Sellers Get a Pre-Inspection? The Pros and Cons

By Lisa Kaplan Gordon Jun 12, 2022 (Pamela Moore/iStock) Every home buyer knows hiring a home inspector to check out a property before closing is a good idea. In fact, a home inspection is often a requirement for a mortgage. The...

Can Changing Jobs Prevent You From Getting a Mortgage?

By Ana Durrani Jun 7, 2022 (Getty Images) Taking on a new job can be exciting. But if getting a new gig happens to coincide with your plans to buy a home, it can affect your ability to get a mortgage—even if you make more money in your new job. When you...

On the House: Should I Max Out My Budget To Buy My First Home?

By Clare Trapasso Jun 8, 2022 ( / Getty Images) Between the increases in mortgage rates and prices, it’s so hard to afford a home now. Should I max out my budget? Don’t do it. Granted, it’s hard not to buy a home at the top of your budget...