The 5 Best Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent When You’re Selling Your House

You Need the Right Agent For You

Selling a house is one of the biggest things people tackle in time, effort, and money. Your real estate agent is your business partner in this project, so you need the right one.

After all, for anywhere from days to months, this person is going to be part of your life: in your home, aware of your finances, and family needs. You’re going to have a lot of contact where good communication is important.

There are many things to consider in choosing an agent, because you want a combination of skills, experience, and personal connection. You need someone who can sell the house, and also someone easy for you to work with.

Talk to a number of agents before you decide, ask the important questions, and compare.


These are the questions to ask a real estate agent:

  1.      May I see your license?

As obvious as this one may seem, it’s worth mentioning: you should know an agent’s credentials, and only work with someone trained and accredited.

Along with this question, find out how long your agent has been working professionally, and whether she works full time. Get an experienced, full-time agent, although a new agent with a great track record is also fine.


  1.      Can you show me referrals from satisfied clients?

Good agents will have these ready and/or be eager to show them to you. Read them: they give insight into the person, the work style, and the success you can expect.  Any hesitation to share referrals or licensing is a big red flag. Keep looking.


  1.      What is your experience in my area, with houses in my price range?

Find out how well the agent knows your particular market; for example, the number of houses like yours he sold in your area, how many days they were on the market, and what the accepted offers were.


  1.      What is your marketing plan for my house?

An excellent agent will create ongoing, stand-out marketing for your house. Ask where and how it will be listed, online and/or in print, what visuals she will use, such as photos, a virtual tour, etc. How does she plan to reach out to the right potential buyers, and what open houses/showings will there be? This is the focused effort you are paying her for!


  1.      What do you believe will sell this house?

Your agent’s local experience and expertise will show with this question. Consider her advice on what you must repair, what you should update, and how to list and show the house to its best advantage.

There’s plenty of online information to help you be an informed client, but also trust her knowledge. Follow her advice to get the best and quickest sale.

Agents also have a network of contractors, stagers, legal advisors, and other people they’ve worked with to solve home issues. Let them recommend and even manage these colleagues.

Always Ask!

Of course, there are other questions beyond these 5 to ask, and many things you may want, and have a right, to know about your house sale. An agent worth working with should always be willing to listen and answer your questions about any aspect of the selling process.

After all, you are both invested in the success of this house sale!