Lorraine is Eugene’s Alternative Realtors newest agent. Lorraine was born and raised in the Los Angeles
area and spent 5 years living and starting her family in Ohio. Since moving to Eugene in 2000, she has
lived in and around Lane county. She has even explored and experienced country living.

Lorraine worked at the University of Oregon as an Office Manager facilitating building maintenance and
preventative oversight. She held an Sr. Administrative position helping master students learn how to
become a professional in the science industry. She worked closely with Executives and managing their
calendars & coordinated event planning. Most of all, she spent her time at the University navigating
process for both faculty & students efficiently and valued others time by dedicating hers for 10 years.
She also worked at Symantec Corporation in Springfield for six years, administratively supported a team
of over 300. She navigated deadlines and worked with a variety of international divisions.

Lorraine’s passion in Real Estate is helping relocation clients. She’s a ‘transplant’ her own self. She
values and understands why others want to be in such a wonderful area and to be in this amazing state
of Oregon! Her most recent relocation clients have come from Florida, Idaho and California. They all
couldn’t be happier with their relocation! She is currently working with clients from Colorado, Michigan
& Austin. Relocating needs attentive focus. There are many moving parts when transitioning into
another state, not only with the Real Estate process(s) but the transition itself and you can be sure
Lorraine understands your perspective!

In her spare time, Lorraine loves to propagate house plants, research nutrition, and roller skate! She
currently has over 20 dwarf lemon trees growing in her greenhouse, yes Oregon citrus is possible!
Learning nutrition is a lifetime hobby for her. She values local food and the time others spend providing
good nutritious food to our community. Roller skating has been a love of hers since her childhood,
growing up in the concrete jungle in Los Angeles. You’ll be sure to see her on one of our many bike paths
during the dry months. From starting seeds, to watching plants get their first leaves, to wheels on her
feet, and day dreaming of hot springs, these precious moments away from work keeps her refreshed
and ready to navigate the Real Estate process to Help Cultivate Your Real Estate Goals.

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lorraine@alterntaiverealtor.com or call her direct at 541.255.6722

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