7 Tips for Brightening a Home This Winter

The winter may bring colder and cloudier days ahead, but you can still make your listing look inviting, bright, and cheerful. HouseLogic recently featured several ideas, including:

Take the screens off your windows. 

HouseLogic notes that you’ll get 30 percent more sunlight shining indoors without the screens on your window. Store your screens where they won’t get damaged so you can put them back on in the spring.

Change your bulbs. 

Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs for a whiter light. Note: The higher the K rating on the bulb, the cooler and whiter its light, HouseLogic notes.

Hang mirrors. 

Mirrors reflect light. Try a large, convex mirror—or a fish-eye mirror—which can amplify light better than a flat one. Consider hanging a gallery wall of small mirrors.

Replace heavy curtains with blinds or roman shades. 

Fabric curtains block light and can make a room look smaller. Instead, try Roman shades or a valance with blinds to let in the maximum amount of natural light.

Swap out the front door for one with glass inserts.

A solid front door can make a home feel dark. But one that contains glass sidelights and a glass transom, for example, will brighten up the entryway. As a bonus, a new door will add curb appeal, too.

Trim branches and bushes that block light. 

Take a look out the windows. If you see tops of bushes, it’s time to start pruning. Don’t let bushes or trees block sunlight from getting in if you want to brighten up your interiors.

Clean windows. 

This can make a big difference. Dirty windows block natural light. Clean the glass inside at least once a month and the glass outside once a year, HouseLogic recommends.

Source: “12 Delightful Ways to Make Your House Brighter in Winter,” HouseLogic.com (December 2017)